Friday, April 10, 2020

Pink Lady

Pink Lady is an American variety show that aired for five weeks on NBC in 1980, starring the Japanese musical duo of the same name. The show also is referred to by the title Pink Lady and Jeff, which refers to co-star Jeff Altman. The show was riddled with complications, including the dispute over the name: agents for the starring parties were never able to settle on one, and the show was advertised both ways during its run. Other difficulties included scriptwriting disagreements, guest star booking mishaps, taping and touring conflicts, and the fact that Mie and Kei, the members of Pink Lady, did not understand English.

Pink Lady was massively popular in Japan and even enjoyed a hit in the U.S. with the English-language song "Kiss in the Dark". A television show for the duo was proposed and swiftly approved. The show's developers, Sid and Marty Krofft, were led to believe that the stars were fluent in both languages, but even when this was found to be untrue, production continued apace. Network executives insisted that Mie and Kei not only speak their parts in English by rote, but also sing every song that way as well. Their unconvincing diction compounded the show's other problems, and despite the infusion of very expensive co-stars, the series did poorly and was cancelled after five episodes. The series ranked #35 on TV Guide's "The 50 Worst TV Shows of All Time?" list

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