Friday, April 10, 2020

Face the Music

Face the Music is an American television game show that aired daily in syndication from January 14, 1980 to September 1981. The show was hosted by actor Ron Ely, with Dave Williams as announcer for the first season and John Harlan the second with Art James as a substitute. The Tommy Oliver Orchestra, with Lisa Donovan as vocalist, was also featured. Face the Music was produced and distributed by Sandy Frank Productions.

The basic premise of Face the Music was a musical guessing game in the same vein as Name That Tune, which Sandy Frank was also distributing when Face the Music premiered and for whom Tommy Oliver had been the orchestra director during the mid-1970s. The twist, however, was that in addition to identifying the songs that the orchestra played, the contestants had to link the song titles to famous people, places, and things.

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